As your cat gets older their needs do change

.... and sometimes it's the little things that you can do, that will help them a lot!

There are lots of hints & tips below on ways you can help them.

Please feel free to download them, but if you would like a full booklet you will receive one when you register your cat with us.

If your cat is already registered with us, please ask for a booklet next time you visit.


Have you heard about our 'Senior Cat Club?'

Behavioural Problems in the Senior Cat.

Diabetes and your cat.

Feline osteoarthritis.

Heart Disease in cats.

Kidney Disease in Older Cats.

Obesity in senior cats.

Senior Cat Comfort & Luxuries.

Senior Cat Dental Care.

Senior Cat Fitness & Exercise.

Senior Cat Health Check.

The loss of a loved cat.

Thyroid problems in cats.