Cat Behaviour


We love our cats because they are clean affectionate creatures - but when things go wrong we can find them to be very smelly or destructive! 

A stressed cat may urinate/defaecate or spray urine in the house; scratch furniture, wallpaper and carpets , or become either withdrawn or aggressive! 

These behaviours are all 'normal' for a cat - but not something that they usually feel the need to do in the house , which is their 'core territory', a place where they usually feel calm and safe. 

Let the Drove highly qualified Cat Behaviourist help to identify the root cause of the problem and advise on how to correct the inappropriate behaviour.

Consultations can be by telephone; in the Clinic or at your home. 

We can also advise on getting a new kitten; how to introduce a new cat/kitten to other family pets, how to adapt your home for elderly cats better comfort , hand rearing and a vast range of other cat related questions that you may have.



Cat Body Language by Cat Protection great video showing you what your cat is really saying!