Puppy School

Drove - Saturday mornings : 10am / 11am / 12pm
Taw Hill - Tuesday evening : 7.30pm


Puppies of all sizes and breeds will benefit from good quality training classes from an early age. 

Our small classes are designed to give you individual help and attention you need, and to get your puppy off to the best start in life. 

As we run our classes, the puppies usually learn to associate coming to the vet with fun rather than with fear – wouldn’t you like to have a dog that likes going to the vet?

Having a new puppy can feel a little overwhelming, and you will probably have lots of questions at your first class! For this reason, the first class of every puppy course is just for the humans – your puppy can relax at home. We will cover the most important parts of puppy ownership with you, and answer any questions you have in a relaxed and friendly environment. The next 5 weeks of the course can then be used to get on with the actual training.

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'Coming Soon' - Master Classes

  • Recall
  • Clicker Training
  • Scent work

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Puppy School

Application form for Puppy School at Drove

Application form for Puppy School at Abbey Dog Training, Lotmead Business Village, Wanborough, SN4 0UY. Monday evening at 6pm.




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